Alex Dawson Founder Positive Scenario



  • Alex Dawson
    Founder Positive Scenario
    andrew mahar
    Alex founded Positive Scenario in 2016, driven by his belief happiness is the key to personal and organisational success, inspired by the findings of Shawn Achor and other thought leaders in the field of positive psychology.

    Positive Scenario enables positive cultural transformation through tailored programs based on the findings from two decades of Positive Psychology research and studies. Central to these programs are the proven principles and tactics delivered through “The Happiness Advantage | Orange Frog Workshop” created by Shawn Achor, former Harvard research fellow and author of the New York Times best seller “The Happiness Advantage”.

    Prior to founding Positive Scenario, Alex held many positions with Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory firm.

Anna-Louise Howard Farm to Hanger



  • Anna-Louise Howard
    Farm to Hanger
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    And yes, they really do make every piece of the sustainable and locally sourced, ethically produced clothing by hand. Why?

    Because we only get one planet and she believes together, with the choices we make, we can make the world a better, cleaner, more vibrant place to live and work for generations to come.

    Anna is passionate about Slow Fashion Business Model and Traceable Supply Chains creating long term change.

    Farm to Hangers Mission is to be Australia’s #1 sustainable brand and to revive a once vibrant industry.

Iain Smale Founder Pangolin Associates



  • Iain Smale Founder Pangolin and Associates.

  • Iain Smale
    Founder Pangolin Associates
    andrew mahar

    Iain founded Pangolin in 2010 and has worked to make it the leading force in carbon neutrality in Australia. Pangolin’s core services include energy audits; greenhouse gas (GHG) assessments and verifications; and compliance programs such as National Greenhouse and Energy, the National Carbon Offset Scheme and the Emissions Reduction Fund.

    Pangolin also provides carbon offsetting services including the supply of carbon credits and were the first in its sector to become certified carbon neutral as well as a founding B Corp. Iain has worked closely with SME’s, corporates and government, and has a reputation for developing smart sustainability plans. He has more than 20 years of business solutions experience and is regularly sought by media for commentary on the carbon economy. Iain was also a judge for the Sydney Business Awards (Sustainable Businesses) for several years running, and in 2016 for the Banksia Sustainability Awards.

    In past years, Iain helped businesses in his community of Pittwater NSW become more sustainable. Now part of the Blue Mountains community, he looks forward to contributing to the sustainability of local businesses with carbon reduction and new clean energy initiatives.

Luke Geary Founder Salvos Legal



  • luke

  • Luke Geary
    Founder Salvos Legal
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    Luke founded Salvos Legal as a world-first social enterprise law firm in 2010. He was the firm’s Managing Partner and a partner in the Corporate & Commercial team up until November 2017.  Currently he is a Non Executive Director.  Luke has been recognised as one of the 10 Most Innovative Lawyers in the Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers awards and one of Australia’s Best Lawyers in non-profit and charities law for the past two consecutive years. In 2015 he was named in Pro Bono Australia’s Impact 25 most influential people in the Australian social sector and in 2013 won Managing Partner of the Year in the Australian Law Awards. Luke’s legal expertise is sought out by Federal & NSW government agencies, ASX200 listed companies, impact financiers and non-profit and religious institutions Australia-wide.

Graham Ross Founder Kusaga Athletic



  • Graham

  • Graham Ross
    Founder Kusaga Athletic
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    Graham is the founder of Kusaga Athletic, pioneers in future fabrics and sustainable lifestyle apparel, and creators of the Greenest T-shirt on the Planet. As an established entrepreneur with a background in media, Graham recognised an opportunity to address the impact of climate change by reimagining the textile industry. Taking the principles of a circular economy and profit for purpose as its foundation, Kusaga Athletic is part of a new wave of socially focussed organisations using the power of business to create a positive impact on the world.

Andrew Mahar AM and Serial Social Entrepreneur



  • Andrew Mahar AM

  • Andrew Mahar AM
    AM and Serial Social Entrepreneur
    andrew mahar

    Andrew is an accomplished social entrepreneur having spent the past 30 years seeding, nurturing and then mentoring over 15 successful social enterprises. These have been in both Australia and Timor-Leste.

    Andrew has been recognised in Australia for his work by becoming a Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia in 2013. He received his AM for significant service to the community and social justice through the provision of access to technology, and to Timor Leste.

    He has used his social enterprise model to build opportunities for young Timorese people. Andrew is currently engaged in five social enterprises in Timor Leste that are delivering social and economic empowerment.

    Pickle Bank, an enterprise focused on food and water security

Nick Savaidis Founder of Etiko Pty Ltd



  • Nick

  • Nick Savaidis Founder of Etiko Pty Ltd

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    Nick is the founder of not one but two fair trade brands, Etiko Fair Trade ( and Jinta Sport (

    Through these two brands his company markets ethically produced, eco friendly clothing, footwear and sports gear.
    He and his brands have been featured in numerous publications from Girlfriend magazine to The Financial Review as well as numerous high school and university textbooks.

    Since its launch Etiko P/L has won numerous sustainability and social justice awards including the 2008 Banksia Environmental Foundation Award for the Most Sustainable Business in Australia and the 2016 Australian Human Rights Award for Business in 2016.

    In the latest Australian Ethical Fashion Report, which looks at supply chains of 300+ fashion brands Etiko scored the highest ranking, an A+for the fourth time in a row, the only fashion brand to ever do so.

Lyn Jenkin Founder and Managing Director of Disruptive Media



  • Lyn Jenkin

  • Lyn Jenkin
    Founder and Managing Director of Disruptive Media

    Lyn is a design communications specialist and leader of the Disruptive Media team. She has more than 25 years’ experience working in strategic planning, branding, social-impact communications, cause-related marketing, graphic design, photography, print and digital media, and video production.

    Disruptive Media develop clear and effective communications for varied, and often vulnerable communities with unique needs, such as Indigenous communities, people with disabilities, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, people with mental health challenges, older people, and people experiencing homelessness.

    As a certified B Corp business, Disruptive Media has been recognised as one of the 2017 Best for the World companies by B Lab and have scored in the top 10% of all B Corps globally in the category of: Community.


Nicholas Bernhardt, Founder and Managing Director of GreenbizCheck



  • Nicholas Bernhardt
    Founder and Managing Director of GreenbizCheck

    Nicholas Bernhardt, Founder and Managing Director of GreenbizCheck. He is an ex-investment banker who held senior management roles at Standard Chartered Bank, Nomura Securities and Ameco Financial Services. In 2003 the world of investment banking lost its glitter and attraction and Nicholas started working as an advisor to organisations in the CSR space before setting up GreenBizCheck in 2007.

    GreenBizCheck ( is an Australian based company that operates globally and which provides cloud-based, predictive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solutions. They develop highly customised web applications centred around Supply Chain Management, Ethical Sourcing, Procurement and CSR Certification.


Kerry Hilton Founders FreeSet Global



  • Kerry Hilton
    Founders FreeSet Global

    Kerry & Annie Hilton are Kiwis with a particular bias towards the poor, oppressed, the lonely and the outcast. In 1999 they moved to Calcutta, India and naively found an apartment on the doorstep of the city’s largest red light district, a place where poverty is no stranger. Setting out to make a difference, the Hiltons took up the challenge of founding a business to bring the choice of freedom for women trapped in prostitution. After spending two years getting to know neighbors and doing a bit of research they opened the doors of Freeset, providing 20 women with dignified employment and importantly freedom from prostitution. Along with on the job training Freeset offers services such as basic education, health care, budgeting advice and a children’s nursery. Today,Freeset’s strives to offer the choice of freedom to as many as possible and currently employs around 300 women.

    With a vision of seeing more than 10,000 women free Kerry& Annielaunched a new business venture in 2012. The Freeset Business Incubator aims to plant new freedom businesses at source and destination in West Bengal, Nepal and Bangladesh.

    Freeset products are environmentally friendly and the business is Fair Trade certified. More than 200,000 customized jute bags are produced each year as well as100% organic cotton tee shirts, hand woven cotton scarves and cotton pants for the export market. Freeset products are sold into more than 25 countries.

    Human trafficking, poverty and social justice are issues Kerry grapples with every day. An engaging storyteller, Kerry is motivated by God’s kind of justice, his heart for the poor and the responsibility we all have as global citizens.

    To support FreeSet in Australia please visit