David Lindsay, Integrated Health and Vitality



  • David Lindsay

  • David Lindsay
    Integrated Health and Vitality

    For over 15 years David has been a full time personal trainer and has changed the lives of 10’s of thousands of lives. He has been obsessed about changing the way we view health and vitality through the disruption of how we see the links between fitness and workplace productivity. He has dedicated his life to living the healthy lifestyle and truly believes that anyone can transform themselves through learning his unique system towards improving their vitality.

    From training first grade footballers, Olympians to the everyday person, David believes that true fulfilment of career, business and life starts with ones own health. Today David is a successful well being expert, keynote speaker, author and award winning coach and all round good guy. He is married with one daughter and travels from Sydney Australia.

Rebecca Jinks, Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility



  • rebecca jinks

  • Rebecca Jinks
    Senior Consultant with ACCSR

    Her work focuses on embedding sustainability and CSR concepts and practices into business operations. Her extensive working knowledge of sustainability principles and how they interact with business objectives was developed from many years working as a client advocate and embedded resource across financial, government and manufacturing industries. Previously, Rebecca worked in the property industry with national and global clients to achieve meaningful behaviour change to realise sustainable outcomes. She has been instrumental in driving change from conception to implementation including resource efficiency, sustainable supply chain management, environmental, risk management and reporting projects.

    Rebecca has a Bachelor of Science (Environmental) from the University of Melbourne and is completing a Masters of Environmental Management and Sustainability at Monash University. She is also the head of the Global Goals Academy for the United Nations Association of Australia (Victoria). The Academy hosts events to raise awareness with local professionals around issues relating to the Sustainable Developments Goals, and how they apply to the local context.

Alison Covington, Good 360



  • Alison-1

  • Alison Covington
    Founder and Managing Director of Good 360

    Alison is an innovator, passionate about creating change that disrupts industries, empowers communities and creates a better world.

    As a Director of a multi-million public transport business, Alison developed a record for innovation and raising standards, increasing profitability in loss-making companies and guiding them through the obstacles of major industry reform.

    Her successful business prowess has become a platform for her philanthropic ideas – today, she uses her corporate expertise to benefit others and make a positive social difference.

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    Carolyn Kitto, STOP THE TRAFFIK



    • carolyn kitto

    • Carolyn Kitto
      National Co-director of STOP THE TRAFFIK

      Carolyn Kitto is the national co-director of STOP THE TRAFFIK, a global movement to end human trafficking. STOP THE TRAFFIK is a coalition in Australia and works with activists and businesses to address supply chain issues. She has a background in international development, strategic planning and youth work.

    Laura McManus, Konica Minolta



    • Laura McManus

    • Laura McManus
      Ethical Sourcing Lead Konica Minolta


      Laura McManus is a business and human rights practitioner from Sydney, Australia with a keen interest in how companies and the non-for-profit sector can engage in meaningful and sustainable social impact. Her research interests include human trafficking for forced labour, the recruitment of migrant workers, domestic worker rights and ethical procurement.

      She has lived and worked in Nepal and the Netherlands where she explored her passion for child rights and youth participation in peace building. Her more recent work explores the growing nexus between the private sector, traditional CSR and rights holders. She was Co-author of the Tackling Modern Slavery in Supply Chains Guide, a publication by the Walk Free Foundation where she worked as a Project Lead with the Business Engagement team. Laura has conducted social compliance audits in Australia and enjoys engaging with workers and grassroots groups.

      She is currently Ethical Sourcing Lead at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia where she has developed and is implementing the business’s Ethical Sourcing Roadmap.

    Dr Leeora Black, Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility



    • Leeora Black

    • Dr Leeora Black
      Founder and Managing Director of The Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility


      “The opportunity to make a positive difference to the impact of business on society is at the heart of my passion for our work at ACCSR.”

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      Dr Leeora Black, Founder and Managing Director of The Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility

      Leeora D. Black, PhD, is a globally recognised CSR and sustainability expert and has more than 30 years’ experience in helping organisations adapt to their changing environments.
      A driving force in the field of corporate social responsibility in Australia, Leeora is known for her pioneering work on stakeholder engagement, as much as her ability to analyse and solve complex CSR and management issues.

      Leeora works with senior managers and executive teams to create effective corporate and stakeholder strategies and build management capabilities. She is passionate about nurturing the development of the CSR profession and she works to transfer knowledge and skills to facilitate continuous improvement for clients and colleagues both during and after engagements.

      Leeora is highly sought-after as a speaker and facilitator of workshops and seminars on CSR and a widely-published author of books, articles and blogs. She is the author of The Social Licence to Operate: Your Management Framework for Complex Times.

    Ramana James, Group Shared Value for IAG



    • ramana james

    • Ramana James
      The Head of Group Shared Value for IAG


      Ramana has a long career in sustainability and shared value. He established the Corporate Responsibility function at Vodafone Australia in 2003 and led environmental practice across 26 countries for Vodafone Group during two secondments as the Group Environment Manager, based in the UK. Ramana then transitioned across to the property industry where he worked with Stockland for more than 5 years. He lead a team responsible for an integrated sustainability strategy and the introduction of shared value across commercial property, residential development and retirement living. He joined IAG in mid 2014 as the Head of Group Shared Value and now leads a diverse team that is responsible for developing, executing and enabling IAG’s organisational wide shared value activity.

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    Martyn Ryan, Benojo



    • Martyn Ryan

    • Martyn Ryan
      Founder Benojo

      Take the Benojo index, a simple, practical measure of how effective a company is at delivering their community activity and corporate social impact programs.

      Martyn Ryan is a rebellious innovator with a mission to enable alternative thinking to redefine the manner in which humanity, innovate, collaborate and shake up the world of social justice.

      As a daring nomad, Martyn spent his twenties travelling by classic motorcycle to the far corners of the globe, including countries such as India and South Africa.

      During that time, Martyn was deeply moved by the power of the hearts and minds of the extraordinary people that formed the local communities where he travelled. These people lived in extreme environments, yet they readily embraced a currency of kindness, taking care for every human being.

      In 2005, Martyn landed in Australia to start a new life and bring to life his passion for innovation. This lead to a career in start-ups and taking ideas from concept to tangible reality.

      His successes have been unprecedented; from silicon valley purchasing his businesses to being one of the youngest and fastest CEO’s to take an Australian company from registration to public listing.

      Craving a deeper sense of purpose, it wasn’t too long before Martyn decided to sell everything that he owned to fulfill a dream that had formed years before. As a result, in 2012 Benojo was born. Benojo is an online community connecting charities, business and individuals through acts of ‘measurable’ good will.

    Mark Daniels, Social Traders



    • Mark Daniels

    • Mark Daniels
      Founder of Social Traders


      Mark has wide ranging experience in social enterprise across program, advocacy, policy and project development.

      Mark was one of the founders of Social Traders – advocating for a social enterprise development organization and then becoming its first employee in 2008.

      He has started 3 social enterprises but increasingly his focus is moving to creating environments that enable the market to deliver social benefits.

      Prior to joining Social Traders, Mark was Social Enterprise Manager for the Brotherhood of St Laurence, managing a number of social enterprises aimed at assisting people into mainstream employment.

      Mark has also developed policy and community development activities for public housing estates in inner city Melbourne.

      Through his work with Social Traders Mark has become one of the leading figures in the social enterprise movement in Australia.

    Justin Pagotto, Corporate Spend



    • Justin Pagotto

    • Justin Pagotto

      Justin is a businessman passionate about community transformation and the pressing need for charities to transition to sustainable fundraising models. One way he sees of doing this is by partnering with profitable businesses who distribute a significant percentage of their profits to a dedicated cause.

      Justin has 11 years experience in running entrepreneurial businesses, with a background in corporate finance, business insurance and financial advisory. For several years Justin has been actively involved in the work of NGO’s working against the issue of human trafficking through his association with Homes of Hope International and financing the Australian screening of a provocative anti-trafficking film.

      Mentoring and equipping the next generation drives all that Justin does. He has been a “Kids Hope Mentor” for indigenous youth for 5+ years, where he pioneered an educational cooking program and is currently a Club Kidpreneur mentor helping to train 8-12 year old children to start and run their own businesses. Justin also founded Liber8 Slaves, a training organisation dedicated to raising up the next generation of social entrepreneurs in the anti-human trafficking space. In 2010, Justin received the Australia Day Medal from Randwick Council in recognition of his services to the community.