Ethical Procurement For Social Good

Expand your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Footprint for no additional charge.

We are a social enterprise that creates and optimises CSR programs at no cost to you by collaborating with Australia’s foremost vetted ethical suppliers to deliver social benefits to your business, staff and charity of choice – our shared value guarantee.

We empower corporates, small to medium enterprises (SME’s) and schools.


$1 billion. That’s what Social Traders says Australia is spending on social procurement. Time to get on board?

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The Corporate Spend Amplifier

How to harness your supply chain spending for social good:

  1. Select the charities and causes your company is passionate about that align with your values.
  2. Corporate Spend will work with you to match your ethical procurement spend with your desired charity and social good outcomes.
  3. Switch your spending to our high quality ethical suppliers (vetted through GreenBizCheck) and your charities will receive ongoing revenue on your behalf.


Social Procurement in Action

Let’s say your favourite charity is Oz Harvest where $1 donated equals two meals provided to Australia’s disadvantaged.  Here’s the CSR amplification impact.

We have ten supplier categories. Here is an example of how just three category spends can make a tangible social impact.


Supplier CategoryProduct/ Service PurchasedEquivalent donation
Stationery & Office ProductsUsual spend $50,000pa2,500 meals/year
Business InsuranceBusiness Pro Pack
600 meals/year
Telco and IT50 phone licenses250 meals upfront +
532 meals/year

Shared Value Outcomes

  • Gain access to high quality vetted ethical suppliers and support your favourite charities without affecting your bottom line.
  • Get a marketing edge over your competitors through our customised charity impact reports. We will highlight the power of your ethical procurement spend and your chosen charity impact. (Minimum spend $5,000)
  • Attract and retain your key employees as you create positive social and environmental change.


Charitable giving makes up only 1% of Australia’s GDP. Non-profits must compete for this small pot of funds by dedicating time and resources to fundraising instead of their actual cause.

The remaining 99% of GDP is made up of everyday spending goods and services by business and consumers. What if your business or school could support your favourite charity through your existing procurement spend?


Corporate Spend connects the regular expenditure of businesses and schools like yours with high quality vetted ethical suppliers of goods and services.

In turn, these suppliers agree to direct a percentage of revenue from your company’s purchases to the Corporate Spend fund.


As a social enterprise, the Corporate Spend fund distributes a minimum of 80% of our profits to charities with Deductible Gift Recipients (DGR) status.

When you buy from our ethical suppliers, you get to choose the charities that benefit.

It can’t get much better than that!

Your Turn

Ready to optimise your CSR program and harness ethical procurement for your chosen charity?

First step is a 15 minute phone call to explore what charities you would like to support and the ethical procurement categories that amplify your CSR impact.

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