Ethical Procurement

“Corporate Spend has a unique approach to corporate philanthropy: don’t give anything away! Instead, do what you normally do, buy what you normally buy… but from one of CS’s suppliers. As you do, these suppliers will give a portion of their profits to charity. Simple!”

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Community Housing Ltd
Grace Mutual Ltd

What is ethical and social procurement?

Ethical procurement occurs when environmental sustainability and human rights in labour markets are protected through the supply chain purchasing process. This ensures that the environment is not adversely affected and the whole life cycle of a product is considered. In addition issues such as human trafficking and discrimination against workers on the basis of religion, sexuality and gender is eradicated.

It is estimated that modern slavery generates $150 billion per year in supply chains.
Source: Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply

Social Procurement can be defined as the buying of goods and services which also provides a social good.

Corporate Spend specialises in combining ethical and social procurement.

We are a social enterprise that creates and optimises CSR programs at no cost to you by collaborating with Australia’s foremost vetted ethical suppliers in order to deliver social benefits to your business, staff and charity of choice – that’s our shared value.



Social Traders have estimated the current value of social procurement in Australia to be $1 billion.


How does social procurement benefit my business?


Increase your charitable donations without affecting your bottom line. With our framework, you only need to purchase from Corporate Spend Vendors who make your charitable donations for you.


Gain a unique point of difference for a marketing edge over your competitors with a differentiated marketing strategy based on your business’ positive impact.


When you participate in our Social Procurement program, you become part of a community of positive impact and will connect with like-minded organisations to grow your business.