How it Works

We imagine a world where every business uses every part of its supply chain to engage in ethical, profitable and sustainable sourcing, using ethical and social procurement as a force for good.

Corporate Spend brings together three key groups to enable ethical procurement for social good:

  • Ethical Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Charities

Ethical Suppliers

To gain Corporate Spend Ethical Procurement accreditation, suppliers are vetted for:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Price
  • Delivery
  • Social Impact
  • Ethical Sourcing – powered by GreenBizCheck


An ever growing range of goods and services are available in ten categories. We have access to some of Australia’s most exciting brands combining purchasing and social impact.

  1. Corporate Wellness
  2. Energy solutions
  3. Stationery and Office Products
  4. Telecommunications & IT
  5. Business Services (Legal and Business Insurance)
  6. Leadership & Training
  7. Digital Marketing Services
  8. Printing
  9. Workwear
  10. Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts

Want to get accredited?

We invite Australia’s foremost suppliers who can demonstrate quality products and services and environmental and social impact to apply. Your company should be committed to collaborative innovative partnerships that integrate shareholder returns, environmental sustainability and social impact.

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Our customers are the community of businesses and schools sourcing their procurement from our Accredited Suppliers. Our suppliers direct a percentage of revenue from your purchases to the Corporate Spend fund. You get to decide which charities to support.  No additional budget line is required for charity giving.

CSR Amplifier Case Study: Pablo & Rusty’s

Saxon Wright is the founder of boutique coffee roaster Pablo and Rusty’s and are committed to sustainability and lowering their carbon footprint. They approached Corporate Spend to install solar panels in their roasting factory. We referred them to our Accredited Energy Consultants.

Key CSR Amplification results:

  • Ethical Procurement Spend
    $50,000 on solar panels to reduce energy bill.
  • Financial Benefit
    Estimated energy savings $809,100 over 30 years.
    Payback period <2 years.
  • Environmental  Benefit
    Lowered Carbon Footprint
    52,151 kg CO2 saving/year
  • Social Impact
    Sponsor a trafficked child in 3rd world for 12 months.

Ready to optimise your CSR program and harness ethical procurement for your chosen charity?

First step is a 15 minute phone call to explore what charities you would like to support and the ethical procurement categories that amplify your CSR impact.

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As a social enterprise, the Corporate Spend fund distributes a minimum of 80% of our profits to Australian charities with Deductible Gift Recipients (DGR) status.

When you buy from our ethical suppliers, you get to choose your favourite charities to support. It can’t get much better than that!