Andrea Tokaji International Lawyer and Advocate For Justice




  • Andrea Tokaji
    International Lawyer, Business Consultant, Mediator, Lecturer

    For the last ten years, Andrea has committed her professional life as a trained international human rights lawyer advocate, parliamentary lobbyist and legal educator to anti-trafficking work in the Australasia region. Andrea was invited to be a part of Hilary Clinton’s Vital Voices Women in Anti-Trafficking Leadership Program in the United Sates in 2015, having the opportunity to collaborate with key stakeholders, including the Secretary of States Trafficking in Persons team.

    Andrea was invited to speak at the Geneva Institute of Leadership and Public Policy on regional anti-slavery matters, with an audience of key political delegates from several nations.


    • Difference between human slavery, trafficking and exploitation.
    • More slaves in world today than William Wilberforce time, including 14,000 known cases in Australia.
    • 3000 Australian companies compelled to report under Modern Slavery Act.