Andy Skidmore Social Entrepreneur, Founder Burn Bright



  • Andy Skidmore

  • Andy Skidmore
    Social Entrepreneur, Founder Burn Bright


    • Companies must integrate CSR rather than just “ a token gesture”
    • John Maxwell – The law of the “Big Mo”- momentum
    • Failed at first three social enterprises- don’t worry about being young, it’s just in our head.

    Andy is a life long social entrepreneur and is passionate about equipping young people to grow as leaders by taking a wellbeing approach and fostering positive and meaningful relationships.

    When he was 21 he founded the Not For Profit organisation Burn Bright, a social enterprise with the mission of growing the next generation of young Australians through student leadership, well being programs and national camps. Over the past 5 years Burn Bright has worked with over 50,000, 12-17 year olds, from all corners of Australia through school based programs and hosting the Australian National Leadership Camp.

    In 2018 Burn Bright was named Australia’s Most Innovative Charity by Westpac and UNSW, due to their company culture and their social enterprise business structure. Burn Bright has also won awards for their outstanding use of data and have been recognised by Anthill as one of 100 ‘Cool Australian Companies’ in 2018. Andy is regarded as one of Australia’s leading social entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers to solve some of Australia’s most complex social issues.