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  • Iain Smale Founder Pangolin and Associates.

  • Iain Smale
    Founder Pangolin Associates
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    Iain founded Pangolin in 2010 and has worked to make it the leading force in carbon neutrality in Australia. Pangolin’s core services include energy audits; greenhouse gas (GHG) assessments and verifications; and compliance programs such as National Greenhouse and Energy, the National Carbon Offset Scheme and the Emissions Reduction Fund.

    Pangolin also provides carbon offsetting services including the supply of carbon credits and were the first in its sector to become certified carbon neutral as well as a founding B Corp. Iain has worked closely with SME’s, corporates and government, and has a reputation for developing smart sustainability plans. He has more than 20 years of business solutions experience and is regularly sought by media for commentary on the carbon economy. Iain was also a judge for the Sydney Business Awards (Sustainable Businesses) for several years running, and in 2016 for the Banksia Sustainability Awards.

    In past years, Iain helped businesses in his community of Pittwater NSW become more sustainable. Now part of the Blue Mountains community, he looks forward to contributing to the sustainability of local businesses with carbon reduction and new clean energy initiatives.