Ian Palmer CEO of Schools Industry Partnership (SIP) and Inspiring The Future Australia



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  • David Carbines
    Co-Founder of Red Hat Impact

    Ian oversees all programs and services delivered by Schools Industry Partnership by a team of 23 personnel. He has held this position since 2005. He is widely known and respected by government, business and community leaders for his innovations and passion for inspiring young people to reach their full potential and to transition successfully from school into employment or further education. He is dedicated to learning from national and international research findings and best practices and to incorporating them within initiatives that address service gaps and meet the needs of all local and national stakeholders. Several of Ian’s best practice initiatives have been adopted and utilised by community and government organisations across Australia. He began his career as a small business owner and went on to become the CEO of a Group Training Company and CEO of the Penrith Chamber of Commerce. He holds a Master’s Degree in Career development.


    • UK Inspiring the Future has connected 16 million students to mentors in just 6 years! Inspiring the Future Australia is here.
    • Primary students with contact with mentors are 5 x less likely to be unemployed or not in further education. They also earn 18% higher than peers.

    Register to be a mentor here: https://www.inspiringthefuture.org.au/page/join-the-campaign