Jeremy Meltzer, Social Entrepreneur and founder of I=Change



  • Jeremy Meltzer

  • Jeremy Meltzer
    Social Entrepreneur and founder of I=Change

    Jeremy founded i=Change, Australia’s fastest-growing social enterprise tech startup. i=Changeis turning e-commerce into a force for good, by making it simple and powerful for online retailers to give back. As 93% millennials want to shop brands that give back, i=Change bridges the gap between retailers and customers who are increasingly seeking brands that reflect their values – and shopping accordingly.

    In partnership with over 80 retailers, including iconic brands like Pandora, Camilla, and Clarins, i=Change has already raised $1.25m and counting, impacting over 289,000 women and girls in Australia and around the world.

    I=Change has won numerous awards including Social Entrepreneur of the Year


    • When I saw direct impact of violence against women when I lived in Cuba in my 20’s it compelled me to take action.
    • Every dollar spent becomes a powerful force for good.
    • Tracking amount of impact and transparency is vital.
    • Customer loyalty and trust skyrocket when brands put giving back right into the customer purchase.