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  • Justin Pagotto

  • Justin Pagotto

    Justin is a businessman passionate about community transformation and the pressing need for charities to transition to sustainable fundraising models. One way he sees of doing this is by partnering with profitable businesses who distribute a significant percentage of their profits to a dedicated cause.

    Justin has 11 years experience in running entrepreneurial businesses, with a background in corporate finance, business insurance and financial advisory. For several years Justin has been actively involved in the work of NGO’s working against the issue of human trafficking through his association with Homes of Hope International and financing the Australian screening of a provocative anti-trafficking film.

    Mentoring and equipping the next generation drives all that Justin does. He has been a “Kids Hope Mentor” for indigenous youth for 5+ years, where he pioneered an educational cooking program and is currently a Club Kidpreneur mentor helping to train 8-12 year old children to start and run their own businesses. Justin also founded Liber8 Slaves, a training organisation dedicated to raising up the next generation of social entrepreneurs in the anti-human trafficking space. In 2010, Justin received the Australia Day Medal from Randwick Council in recognition of his services to the community.