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  • Martyn Ryan

  • Martyn Ryan
    Founder Benojo

    Take the Benojo index, a simple, practical measure of how effective a company is at delivering their community activity and corporate social impact programs.

    Martyn Ryan is a rebellious innovator with a mission to enable alternative thinking to redefine the manner in which humanity, innovate, collaborate and shake up the world of social justice.

    As a daring nomad, Martyn spent his twenties travelling by classic motorcycle to the far corners of the globe, including countries such as India and South Africa.

    During that time, Martyn was deeply moved by the power of the hearts and minds of the extraordinary people that formed the local communities where he travelled. These people lived in extreme environments, yet they readily embraced a currency of kindness, taking care for every human being.

    In 2005, Martyn landed in Australia to start a new life and bring to life his passion for innovation. This lead to a career in start-ups and taking ideas from concept to tangible reality.

    His successes have been unprecedented; from silicon valley purchasing his businesses to being one of the youngest and fastest CEO’s to take an Australian company from registration to public listing.

    Craving a deeper sense of purpose, it wasn’t too long before Martyn decided to sell everything that he owned to fulfill a dream that had formed years before. As a result, in 2012 Benojo was born. Benojo is an online community connecting charities, business and individuals through acts of ‘measurable’ good will.