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  • Paul Bide

  • Paul Bide
    Chair of School of SSE Australia


    Paul is Chair of SSE Australia and is a passionate advocate and capacity builder of Australia’s emerging social enterprise sector.

    He is motivated by wanting to play a part in better harnessing the power and wisdom that exists in the community to identify and solve social problems within it, and is particularly interested in business and mission development, developing access to early stage social capital, linking the social sector to business networks, inclusion and economic empowerment.

    Paul’s 27 year career in banking and finance started at the Reserve Bank of Australia in 1983. He then moved to Bankers Trust Australia in 1986 for 13 years and ended with a decade at Macquarie Bank where he was an Executive Director and Head of the Debt Markets Division.

    Paul is a Director of the Trustee of the Newpin Social Benefit Bond; a member of the Youth Justice Board of the WA Department of Corrective Services; a member of the investment committee of SVA’s Social Impact Fund; a Director of Challenger Retirement and Investment Services Limited, and; on the Advisory Board of the Australian Office of Financial Management.