Sue Hollis Founder TravelEdge, Bike Lover and AdventurePreneur



  • Sue Hollis

  • Sue Hollis
    Founder TravelEdge, Bike Lover and AdventurePreneur

    Sue has had a wild and crazy ride within the airline and travel industry over the past 30 years. As a senior airline executive with British Airways in both Australia and the U.K., her roles included Manager Sales London, General Manager 767 Fleet, General Manager British Airways/Qantas Joint Serves Agreement, and the Head of Australia Sales for Qantas.

    Not content with living a corporate life and wanting to make a bigger difference, she stepped into the role of ‘Entrepreneur’ and started TravelEdge – a successful corporate travel management company with her business partner Grant Wilson 17 years ago.

    Since that time, TravelEdge has grown into a $250m business becoming the largest independent travel management company in Australia, with Sue being recognised as one of the Top 10 Women entrepreneurs in the country.

    Still following her passions, Sue stepped down from the role of TravelEdge CEO in 2015 to ride a BMW superbike solo around the Pacific Northwest for three months. Her first book encompassing that journey – “Riding Raw” – was released in August 2018.

    Sue is now a coach and an adventurepreneur – based between Whistler, Canada and Sydney, Australia – where she can be found following her passions, building communities, racing motorbikes and helping people create lives of epic proportions!

    Sue, welcome to the program


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