Darren Tindal, Executive Officer Seed Foundation Australia



  • Darren Tindal

  • Darren Tindal
    Executive Officer Seed Foundation Australia

    Darren has spent most of his life in the corporate world both in Australia and Internationally. Having worked as a Senior Leader across a number of large Corporates, in the last 15 years his main focus has been on people development and helping create leaders of the future. Darren’s passion for working with our first people started around 10 years ago and has been his main focus for the past 5 years.

    The opportunity to work in such a wonderful space and have the ability to create real change in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health area is a true passion of Darren’s. He enjoys working with so many of our young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids who can go back into community with real skills and a clear pathway into the health sector creating change in the communities across Australia.


    • 50+ remote communities impacted.
    • 77 Partner Schools
    • Massive jump from 34% to 85% First People finishing Year 12
    • Get continual feedback how you can grow as Values Based Leader

Andrea Tokaji International Lawyer and Advocate For Justice




  • Andrea Tokaji
    International Lawyer, Business Consultant, Mediator, Lecturer

    For the last ten years, Andrea has committed her professional life as a trained international human rights lawyer advocate, parliamentary lobbyist and legal educator to anti-trafficking work in the Australasia region. Andrea was invited to be a part of Hilary Clinton’s Vital Voices Women in Anti-Trafficking Leadership Program in the United Sates in 2015, having the opportunity to collaborate with key stakeholders, including the Secretary of States Trafficking in Persons team.

    Andrea was invited to speak at the Geneva Institute of Leadership and Public Policy on regional anti-slavery matters, with an audience of key political delegates from several nations.


    • Difference between human slavery, trafficking and exploitation.
    • More slaves in world today than William Wilberforce time, including 14,000 known cases in Australia.
    • 3000 Australian companies compelled to report under Modern Slavery Act.

Andy Skidmore Social Entrepreneur, Founder Burn Bright



  • Andy Skidmore

  • Andy Skidmore
    Social Entrepreneur, Founder Burn Bright


    • Companies must integrate CSR rather than just “ a token gesture”
    • John Maxwell – The law of the “Big Mo”- momentum
    • Failed at first three social enterprises- don’t worry about being young, it’s just in our head.

    Andy is a life long social entrepreneur and is passionate about equipping young people to grow as leaders by taking a wellbeing approach and fostering positive and meaningful relationships.

    When he was 21 he founded the Not For Profit organisation Burn Bright, a social enterprise with the mission of growing the next generation of young Australians through student leadership, well being programs and national camps. Over the past 5 years Burn Bright has worked with over 50,000, 12-17 year olds, from all corners of Australia through school based programs and hosting the Australian National Leadership Camp.

    In 2018 Burn Bright was named Australia’s Most Innovative Charity by Westpac and UNSW, due to their company culture and their social enterprise business structure. Burn Bright has also won awards for their outstanding use of data and have been recognised by Anthill as one of 100 ‘Cool Australian Companies’ in 2018. Andy is regarded as one of Australia’s leading social entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers to solve some of Australia’s most complex social issues.

Louis Faure, Social Entrepreneur, Fondacio Foundation, Philippines



  • Louis Faure

  • Louis Faure
    Social Entrepreneur, Fondacio Foundation, Philippines

    Louis Faure is a Frenchman living in the Philippines passionate about empowering young people to be world changers.  He’s currently the Head of Training & Development Department at Gawad Kalinga and will be soon moving to Fondacio Foundation in Manila to develop a training and equipping program for young people.

    Louis developed a social enterprise project called FreeBirds focusing on free-range native chickens with a focus on sustainability.

    Gawad Kalinga: http://www.gk1world.com/louis-faure

Kate Wood-Foye Co Founder & Chair – Luminosity Youth Inc



  • kate

  • Kate Wood-Foye
    Co Founder & Chair – Luminosity Youth Inc.

    Kate is a first generation Australian whose family hails from Zimbabwe and the UK and was raised on the Mid North Coast.

    As well as being the Area Director of Sales and Marketing for Rydges & Sails Port Macquarie, Kate is the Co- founder, Chair and Events Manager of Luminosity Youth Summit.

    Luminosity is a national youth forum and conference for young people in Port Macquarie and the Chair of Luminosity Youth INC – a not for profit organisation that seeks to inspire & challenge young people between the ages of 15 – 25 to excel in their chosen careers with DANGEROUS IDEAS for success.


    • Luminosity creates “TEDx style” youth events for 15 to 25 year olds.
    • Up to 30 National and International speakers on theme Dangerous Ideas For Success
    • Click here for 2019 Luminosity program http://www.luminosityyouthsummit.com.au/

Danielle Chiel, Found KOCO (Knit One, Change One)



  • Danielle Chiel

  • Danielle Chiel
    Found KOCO (Knit One, Change One)

    How does someone with a PhD in Musicology end up handknitting the world together?

    Danielle fell in love with the art of handknitting as a 10-year-old. Her great-aunt Pearl taught her the craft during a day off school and it was love at first stitch.

    After a career as a teacher and earning a PhD in musicology, Danielle turned to her love of knitting and fashion to open a retail knitting store in Brisbane called Threads & More.

    In 2012 industrial legislation changes made producing our garments in Australia untenable so we sought out creating knitting hubs in rural India villages.

    The first knitting hub began with a group of ten women and has grown to become , KOCO – Knit One (garment) Change One (life). KOCO employ a lady, train her in the art and science of handknitting as well as reading English and mathematics.

    Danielle’s goal is to employ more women and reawaken the fashion industry to the human and commercial potential of how handknitting can change the world.


    • KOCO garments have three big promises-
    • Experience the garment
    • Transform women’s lives
    • Connect the wearer to the maker
    • Growing from 200 to 1000 knitters in next 12 months up to overall vision of 40,000.

Ian Palmer CEO of Schools Industry Partnership (SIP) and Inspiring The Future Australia



  • ian palmer

  • David Carbines
    Co-Founder of Red Hat Impact

    Ian oversees all programs and services delivered by Schools Industry Partnership by a team of 23 personnel. He has held this position since 2005. He is widely known and respected by government, business and community leaders for his innovations and passion for inspiring young people to reach their full potential and to transition successfully from school into employment or further education. He is dedicated to learning from national and international research findings and best practices and to incorporating them within initiatives that address service gaps and meet the needs of all local and national stakeholders. Several of Ian’s best practice initiatives have been adopted and utilised by community and government organisations across Australia. He began his career as a small business owner and went on to become the CEO of a Group Training Company and CEO of the Penrith Chamber of Commerce. He holds a Master’s Degree in Career development.


    • UK Inspiring the Future has connected 16 million students to mentors in just 6 years! Inspiring the Future Australia is here.
    • Primary students with contact with mentors are 5 x less likely to be unemployed or not in further education. They also earn 18% higher than peers.

    Register to be a mentor here: https://www.inspiringthefuture.org.au/page/join-the-campaign

David Carbines, Co-Founder of Red Hat Impact



  • David Carbines
    Co-Founder of Red Hat Impact

    With a diverse background spanning emergency disaster management (World Vision International), operational management (Aldi Stores) strategic consulting (Deloitte), startup incubation (The Difference Incubator) and enterprise digital transformation (Arup), David co-founded Red Hat Impact to help social enterprises grow and scale to financial sustainability.

    David holds a Bachelors of Commerce (Economics), Arts (History and Development Studies) and Diploma of Music (Voice) from the University of Melbourne, and completed the altMBA16 in February 2018.

    He loves reading and playing guitar in breaks from renovating a weatherboard house.


    • David’s favourite karaoke songs.
    • Why mission driven organisations must combine the “brains of business” and the “heart” of not for profits.
    • Australia’s First Live Blended Crowdfunding Event.
    • Three core objectives Capital, Consulting, Connections.

Jeremy Biggs, Founder of YTAO Global



  • jeremy

  • Jeremy Biggs
    Founder of YTAO Global

    Jeremy is the Founder and CEO of YTao Global, a technology platform that enables provenance and transparency for the $3Trillion global Fashion Apparel supply chain.

    His experience as an entrepreneur has seen him working within the retail technology industry for 15 years and has worked across local and international markets with varied partnerships, from Silicon Valley based technology leaders to large multi-national retail groups.

    Arriving from South Africa in 2009 with a young Family, he quickly got busy with understanding how to innovate the Australian retail landscape which has eventuated with the founding of YTao Global.


    • Only 2% of fashion labels can track their supply chain vs 60% of Millennials expect their fashion brand to have supply chain transparency.
    • Future technology will allow lots of smaller socially aware brands to compete with larger brands.

Sue Hollis Founder TravelEdge, Bike Lover and AdventurePreneur



  • Sue Hollis

  • Sue Hollis
    Founder TravelEdge, Bike Lover and AdventurePreneur

    Sue has had a wild and crazy ride within the airline and travel industry over the past 30 years. As a senior airline executive with British Airways in both Australia and the U.K., her roles included Manager Sales London, General Manager 767 Fleet, General Manager British Airways/Qantas Joint Serves Agreement, and the Head of Australia Sales for Qantas.

    Not content with living a corporate life and wanting to make a bigger difference, she stepped into the role of ‘Entrepreneur’ and started TravelEdge – a successful corporate travel management company with her business partner Grant Wilson 17 years ago.

    Since that time, TravelEdge has grown into a $250m business becoming the largest independent travel management company in Australia, with Sue being recognised as one of the Top 10 Women entrepreneurs in the country.

    Still following her passions, Sue stepped down from the role of TravelEdge CEO in 2015 to ride a BMW superbike solo around the Pacific Northwest for three months. Her first book encompassing that journey – “Riding Raw” – was released in August 2018.

    Sue is now a coach and an adventurepreneur – based between Whistler, Canada and Sydney, Australia – where she can be found following her passions, building communities, racing motorbikes and helping people create lives of epic proportions!

    Sue, welcome to the program


    • How despite having every definition of success on the outside, Sue was empty on the inside.
    • Am I happy? The important question we must act on.
    • How Sue quit her job as CEO of TravelEdge and went riding around North America on her motorbike.
    • My Ducati is my favourite motorbike as she is unpredictable and wild.
    • How Travel Edge knocked backed clients in the middle of the GFC due to a conflict in values.