Social entrepreneurs n. Society’s change agents. Creators of innovations that disrupt the status quo and transform our world for the better.

Corporate Spend was born from two social entrepreneurs in Sydney: Justin Pagotto and Paul Harvey.

After many years of experiencing just how powerful business can be as a mechanism for social change, Justin & Paul have committed themselves to pioneering ways for business to play a significant role in resourcing important social & environmental causes, traditionally left to the non-profit world. The duo have combined their decades of business experience to pioneer a new and innovative funding model for charities – merging the capital generating power of business with the developmental expertise of non-profits to remove the limitations of the traditional donor centric funding environment.

Justin Pagotto

Justin Pagotto

Chief Ethical Officer Justin Pagotto is a social entrepreneur passionate about community transformation and the pressing need for charities to transition to sustainable fund-raising models. Traditional donor based charity fund-raising is becoming increasingly difficult-with tens of thousands of charities competing for less than 1% of Australia’s GDP.

The idea for Corporate Spend was born during an entrepreneurial exchange to South Africa – What if companies could support charity through their everyday spending on goods and services?

As Chief Ethical Officer, Justin creates collaborative ethical procurement partnerships by connecting business owners, schools and corporates to high quality, vetted suppliers.  These suppliers pay Corporate Spend a share of the revenue stream for the life of the client thereby solving the fund-raising problem and creating ongoing sustainable revenue for social good.

Justin has 13 years experience in running entrepreneurial businesses, with a background in equipment finance, business insurance and financial advisory. One of these businesses based in the Philippines provides retail employment opportunities to young graduates so they can stay in their local province.

In 2010, Justin received the Australia Day Medal from Randwick Council in recognition of his services to the community.

Paul Harvey

With 22 years in IT, predominantly in corporate banking and the trading floors of London, plus 5 years running an IT services business with 10 staff, Paul is a passionate technologist and Head of IT at OneContact.

Paul joined Corporate Spend to help bring an end to human trafficking.  His passion began with the campaign 10,000 Push-ups to Crush Slavery, which reached 700,000 people, and continues with “growth hacking” as the Corporate Spend vision comes alive.

Paul has 6 years experience on the boards of two charities, is Google, Microsoft and Agile certified, published authority on SEO, consults as a WordPress Performance & Security Specialist, and is the proud holder of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award, Dux of School, and BNI Gold Networker Awards.